What parents with style want

When I got pregnant I tried to restrict myself from buying everything for the little human because I heard from many parents, how babies just grow out so fast and how I would only need a few basics in the beginning.

Well as soon as I got to the baby section I forgot all about it. He already has three pair of shoes, one of which are the tiniest cutest baby sandals that he probably won’t ever wear…

Before I knew it, we had bought everything the little human would need in his first months of life. Now that the due date is approaching friends and family want to know what they could gift to his birth. This is why I sat down, and did some research on all things decoration, toys and practical items I thought he would still ‘need’.

Maybe it will give you some inspiration for your own registry or you’ll find ideas on what to gift to someone’s baby, which is why I tried to keep it gender neutral.

All items are available online. If you scroll over the picture, you will find the name of the item and brand.


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