Sustainable Fashion Brand of the Month: Hust & Claire

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This month, I’d like to introduce you to a brand that I’ve been a fan of since Baby N was born. I simply loved their Scandinavian look and design. Their clothes are of high quality and very durable.

Even better when I found out about their sustainability and ethical approach. So here are a couple of more information for you and since it’s not easy to pick only 5 pieces, I made two categories: girls and boys!

Name of the brand: Hust & Claire

Founded: Scandinavia in 1975


It is our mission to produce clothes that make fashion-conscious women and children comfortable. Our vision is to produce clothes on a sustainable basis and create a company we are proud of.

Sustainable certificates:A

  • SA8000 certification 
  • BSCI member

These two are essentially the only certificates to be found on their webpage. However they have published their CSR goals which include initiatives for their employees and goals about their suppliers signing to their restricted chemical program.

Some interesting facts about the brand:

  • Hust and Claire is a family-owned business in the second generation
  • They are donating children clothing to seven different charities.

My 5 picks for girls:

My 5 top picks for boys:

Women’s Day Loosely Explained


When I think about the last couple of years, I have met some very great women around the world. Each of them had a very strong characteristic from which I could learn so much. For example, my dear friend Haeyoung, who would never speak bad about someone. Or Tanvi my ex-colleague, who was never too shy to claim her work. My dear Helene, who is such a strong mother and creative mind, who showed me how to forgive without ever getting an apology. My teenage friend Julia, who’s always been there for me and knows how to gentle push me to the right direction. And there are just so many more women I’d like to mention here but the point is, all of these are role models to me.

Since today, is women’s day, I want to dedicate this post to all women around the world and with that being said, there might be some questions coming up from the opposite gender around today. I put together 4 of the most common questions/assumptions about women’s day here for you:

10 reasons why fast fashion sucks


Doomsday Clock has recently been advanced by 30 seconds. In laymen´s terms it´s two minutes before midnight – or two minutes before the world will face it’s annihilation. Reason is that in 2017 and 2018 politicians failed to respond to the environmental crisis and nucluear threats, according to the Bulletin of the Atomatic Scientists.

The question is, why do we have to wait for politicians to make a change when it’s in our hands to change the world? For many environmentalists, it is a first step to change own consumption and fashion is probably the easiest and a pretty effective way to adapt the new lifestyle. Fashion is also a big player in pollution. Fast Fashion is probably contributing the greatest part of pollution from the fashion industry. Here are some reasons why

What you should know when you gave birth

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Giving birth to a human being – a truly unforgettable and special experience for a family. About 18 months ago I experienced this wonder. During pregnancy I did read a lot about the current development of my baby and I did a bit of research on certain topics I was interested in, such as breastfeeding, bonding, how to calm a crying baby etc.

Once we came home and our everyday life started as a small family, I ended up reading way more about anything related to my baby. Be it sleeping, eating, pooping, I used the internet trying to get as much information as possible from women who have been in a similar situation as me. In this time I also talked a lot with my fellow mamas about any issues we had. In retrospect I think there were couple of topics I did not think about, so here’s what you might want to prepare for: