What to wear during pregnancy and after

Nothing makes you realize how companies are capitalizing on you than when you are about to get married or having a baby.

But then on the other hand, what better excuse to buy new clothes? Let me tell you, I did use this pregnancy card a lot. After purchasing some basics, my dear friend who has been pregnant a year prior to me, told me that I could get just normal clothes a few sizes bigger. I did not agree with her. But it got me thinking…

These maternity clothes are quite costly, even from fast fashion retailers. And then there is this sustanability aspect to it. Basically you wear them at best for about 3-6 months. I was not aware of a sustainable maternity clothes brand at that time and buying from fast fashion retailers started to give me a bad feeling. Probably my friend wasn’t all that wrong about it. After months of avoiding shops without a maternity department, I had to give it a try.

What I learned is:

  • You probably already have some clothes that will work during pregnancy in your closet.
  • To create your pregnancy look, it will be possible to shop in normal stores.
  • You will only need a few maternity clothes basics to cover you for this special time.
  • Your maternity clothes will probably only be wearable during your pregnancy.

6 ways to find your maternity clothes in your closet:

  1. Look out for large T-Shirts, especially for Tops that are quite long. Also, see what your SO’s closet might have for you.
  2. Flare dresses – especially summer dresses – are perfect for your pregnancy.
  3. Bodycon-dresses from very stretchable material will work great in summer and winter. As for the Tees, key is that these dresses are long enough.
  4. Pants with elastic band in combination with long Tops or Tees (see point 1.) to cover your belly.
  5. Pencil skirts from very stretchable material will even work with shorter Tops for your pregnancy.
  6. Look into your boyfriends/husbands/SO´s closet. I’ll be looking out for T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. By end of the pregnancy I was sleeping in my husbands boxers, they were perfectly comfortable.

Here are some outfits I created out of my closet or with clothes from shops without a maternity section. In these pictures, I only bought three items from a current collection (the black long dress, the black-and-white pencil skirt and the blue-black-white trousers), everything else was from my closet. I’m definitely planning to wear those post-pregnancy and I believe that they will still fit. I’ll update you on that 🙂


Dress: Mango | Belt: H&M | Shoes: Vagabond | Bag: Love Moschino | Glasses: Dolce&Gabbana | Watch: Calvin Klein | Earrings: Fleamarket Shanghai


Skirt: Mango | Top: Adidas Men | Shoes: Fred Perry| Bag: Céline| Earrings: Online-Shop


Pants: Mango | Top: H&M | Shoes: Birkenstock| Backpack: Muriel| Necklace: Forever21 | Hat: Asos


Dress: Pull&Bear | Shoes: TopShop| Bag: Coccinelle| Earrings: Gift from India| Sunglasses: Prada


Dress: H&M| Coat: Zara| Bag: Mango| Shoes: Gift Tango| Necklace: Zoaje


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