Sustainable fashion brand of the month: People Tree


This month’s sustainable fashion brand is People Tree. I picked them for two main reasons:

1. They were founded in Asia and have expanded with another Headquarter in Europe. To me that shows how much demand and potential sustainability in fashion has.

2. Their collection is setting itself apart from the usual eco-fair brands. It was hard to only pick 5 faves, cause I’d basically buy anything from their clothing line.

This brand proves that sustainability and fashionability can go hand in hand!


Sustainable Fashion Brand of the month: MingaBerlin


It’s September, fall is approaching and we have to start think about dressing up our feet again for the colder weather. What better way than investing in some trendy, colourful pair of socks which are also good for the planet?

This week I want to introduce you to the brand Minga Berlin.

Sustainable Fashion Brand of the Month: Armed Angels


Fashion + Sustainability = exciting (new) brands to discover

Needless to say why it is so important today to be conscious about consumerism and sustainability. Every month I will feature a brand that is a great alternative to your usual fast fashion retailer because

  1. I don’t know many myself
  2. I want to promote these brands and show you alternatives

This month, I want to share with you this german fashion brand: