Sustainable Fashion Brand of the month: MingaBerlin

It’s September, fall is approaching and we have to start think about dressing up our feet again for the colder weather. What better way than investing in some trendy, colourful pair of socks which are also good for the planet?

This week I want to introduce you to the brand Minga Berlin.

Name of the brand: Minga Berlin

Founded: Munich in 2013

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany


The philosophy of Minga Berlin is based on the concept of diversity. The brand admires everyone who thinks outside of the box and has the courage to be unique. Minga Berlin wants to reflect the best attributes of the two cities the team is based in.

Minga, which is bavarian for ‘Munich’, is known for it’s appreciation for tradition, quality and sustainability while Berlin symbolizes creative energy and fast changes.

Sustainable certificates:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • IS0 14001 (for environmental protection)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)
  • There are only recyclable cardboards and biodegradable plastic bags used in the MINGA BERLIN packages

My 5 picks:






Photo credits: Minga Berlin


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