Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day, a yearly reminder to all of us how lucky we are to have wonderful mothers who have raised us to become the people we are today. Being a mother myself, I see and reflect and question every day if I did do my best as a mother. The bottom line is: no mother is perfect. However we do our best everyday…

I think it is important to understand how much harder that actually is than to create the nice memories. Raising a child means to make decisions every day that will affect the life of that human that you love the most. It is a huge responsibility and requires so much more than just taking physically and emotionally care of your child.

You are their first source of love

I reflect on myself everyday, I try to improve myself constantly and there’s one essence I’ve learned: show your love everyday to your child. This is what we need the most in this world and you are their first source of love and affection they will experience. This will set their view on the world and give them the ability to love themselves and with that be able to love anybody else.

My mother always encouraged me, she was and is proud of me and she has and is showing me her love and affection in her ways (food :)) She showed me that the world is full of opportunities and nothing is as bad as it seems. She has gifted me with optimism, independence and taught me to love and respect myself.

Let’s celebrate our mothers for that love that is unconditional, the love that they gave us before we even knew what love is and for loving us when we didn’t even love ourselves.

Happy Mothers Day!


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