International Woman’s Day

Brace yourself, today we have international women’s day. I have already received special women’s day offers from companies that just don’t get the point of women’s day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to offer as a company reductions for women and leverage on that day. What I’m missing is a message.

I have only heard of one campaign that offered women reductions AND transported an important message. The Berlin public transport has offered women a reduced ticket to bring awareness to the unequal pay. Accordingly to BVG, women earn 21% less than men and this is why tickets (week, month or year) for women for one day, were 21% cheaper. So please to all the companies out there offering reductions today: Where’s your message, besides you support your women as customers?

In honour of today and in trying to find inspirations and reasons for today’s women’s day, I have gathered some empowering quotes for you, which you can find below.
Happy international Women’s Day to everybody!


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