Bad Banks Season 2 Review on Feminist Topics

As promised here is part two of Bad Banks- a german TV series which is winning right now the german audience.

The second season is really crazy and many things are happening. I reckon if the third season continues like the second, I won’t zap in. Jana Liekam is completely losing any sense of guilt and has no bad consciousness.

This brings me to the first thing that is wrong with how they treat Feministic topics: Successful women have to be like men, in which men are cruel and morally questionable people. This is at least how it is portrayed in the series and while I do not fully disagree with this cliché, I believe there could be a greater nuance to what they show. Jana Liekam is only looking after herself and crosses anything and anybody to get what she wants. It seems a bit odd, that the change came so fast (from one season to another) with no background information how this transition came. I think the story is lacking more background information from Jana. You don’t go from housewife and step-mom to finance shark without a solid backstory.

Next thing I noticed is that Christelle LeBlanc is particularly cruel to her son in this season and I cannot stand it. Why does a successful woman always be someone who behaves so badly to everyone around them? Been there, seen that, can we move on and portray women once in a while as successful, yet ok-ish people? That would be great, thanks.

And last but not least, I want to talk about Gabriel Fenger. This is the only guy in season two who has a spine and some morals. The only exception of the total clichés presented in this series so far.

This is a quick review this time, because it’s friday evening and I have a date with my couch and Netflix.

Have a good one!


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