What motherhood has taught me pt. 3

Today I’m a mom since 16 months and 5 days. It is the most intense time I’ve lived so far. My days have never been fuller with to-do’s but also never been more filled with tiny moments of joy. Here’s what I learned in the past months about motherhood:

  • there are phases when daddy is the absolute no.1
  • you’ll make a fool of yourself anywhere just to get a laugh out from your little child
  • when they start to communicate to you, repeat what you taught them or start doing things on their own (like being able to eat with a spoon alone!) you’re proud and sad at the same time
  • you’ll start to have some constant night sleep – and you can’t believe how you made it before
  • you stop taking pictures of your child all the time
  • when you accidentally see a onesie from when your baby was a newborn you cannot believe that they used to be so tiny
  • when your child starts with their first tantrums, you have to keep it together and not start laughing how cute they are right now
  • when they are sick, they become little babies again

As my baby is slowly transitioning into todderlhood, I’d be interested to know from you what have been the things you learned about parenthood once your kid reached the age of a toddler? Please leave a comment below.


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