Non-toxic and vegan products for your face routine

Continuing my journey on replacing toxic and environmentally bad make-up, I came across so many great products for your face, that I’d like to share. As I told you in my post about replacing my make-up, now I want to show you all the products I use for my daily skin routine.

As I did with my make-up, I looked up all ingredients on the App ‘Code Check’. Like this I already replaced all my previous toxic moisturisers, make-up removers etc. from my bathroom. It was so much easier than looking for make-up to replace. It is still a work in progress as you will see, not all my current products are completely flawless. Still you might find some inspiration or maybe you can recommend some of your products to me in the comment section below?

Make-up Remover

Micelles facial water is something I only know since last year or so. In the beginning I used to take the one from Garnier until I found out about all the bad ingredients, which made me research for a better solution and it didn’t take me much effort to come across this great product from Cattier Paris. Free of any bad ingredients! Gotta love that product.

Face Scrub

The face scrub I am using isn’t actually for the face, it is meant for the body, but the particles are so small that I think it does work better as a face scrub. However it has one ingredient of concern because it is nothing for people with allergies as it contains fragrance. Since I don’t have allergies, it’s ok for me to use.

Lip Scrub

I’m so happy about this product and I only came across it by accident as I was strolling around my local drug store. It’s wintertime so usually my skin gets dry and so do my lips. A scrub is great to get rid of all the small dried skin. I got it and used it and I’m a fan. It smells lovely, it is great to apply and it is from alverde, a german brand specialized in natural cosmetics.

Face Moisturizer

First on my list is a rather expensive moisturizer from First Aid Beauty. I got it as a present from my husband. When looking into the ingredients list, all is good except they use palm oil (!!!) If you are not familiar with palm oil and why it is not recommendable to use or to consume, here’s an article from the Independant.

However, it’s a double-sided coin. In this article, they talk about the bad environmental influence palm oil is causing because of the high demand but the solution is not to boycott it completely. It is rather to support those who are using sustainable palm oil.

Second one I use is from Daytox, a german brand and it is vegan. The cream’s texture is rather soft and liquid but they also do have a rich cream in their product range. Overall a really nice moisturizer for your daily use. It is very affordable.

Eye Cream

Next on the list is my eye-cream from Pai. This again, was a present from my husband. It is vegan, cruelty-free and organic. I love it and I put it on before going to sleep.

My goal is to replace those products that contain palm oil – or palm oil that is not sustainable – by other alternatives. If you have a suggestion of recommendation please comment below, I’d love to know your beauty helpers.


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