How I replaced my toxic make-up with ‘healthy’ alternatives

As the new year started, many of us made promises. This year, I want to start a more conscious way of living. As you know from a previous post, I stopped shopping at Zara and last year I also did not buy any piece of clothes at H&M for myself. This year I want to quit all fast-fashion retailers and reduce the amount of clothes I’m buying and be more conscious about my consumption overall.

Taking it a step further I asked myself in which other field I could improve my way of consuming and I decided to do something about my make-up repertoire.

Make-up is something I put daily on my face and after I discovered the apps ‘Code Check’ and ‘Think Dirty’ I realised how toxic my current products actually are.

Bit by bit I’m changing my daily make-up products and replace them with one’s that are healthier because of less harmful or no harmful ingredients. I even managed to replace my most favourite Mascara ever! So here’s my list for you, if you are in search for healthier and vegan alternatives:

  • Mascara

My toxic mascara had 1 ingredient of high concern, 2 with significant concern and 3 with low concern. On top of that my favourite mascara used to contain palm oil, which is a devastating ingredient for our beautiful earth.

I really thought I would never ever be able to replace my beloved Mascara from a french high-fashion brand. This is where my online research started and luckily I came across pretty a brand named ‘Too Faced’ and their Mascara named ‘Better than Sex’. I mean the name is really daring but it definitely caught my attention and after reading a couple of reviews I thought I give it a try. This amazing product has only 5 ingredients of low concern and it does not contain palm oil.

When I take off my eye-make-up at the end of the day, the non-toxic mascara can be taken off completely whereas for the toxic one I have to rub much harder and there’s still so much product left on my lashes:

And price-wise the vegan mascara is about 5-8 Euro cheaper than my old mascara. It’s a total win!

I have already recommended this Mascara to my friends and they were amazed too. I love the texture, the application, the duration, the way the lashes are formed and thickened, and so on. Absolutely the best buy I made in 2018.

  • Concealer

How many mornings has this little helper saved my self-confidence and made me look fresh when I haven’t had a good night. I have to admit that so far I have not come across a really bad concealer. They all did their job ok. I think it is normal that after couple of hours you have to re-fresh it, or that you get tiny make-up wrinkles. Maybe my requirements aren’t high enough but the lowest expectation one should have on make-up of any kind is, that it’s not bad for your skin. When I saw the toxicity of my concealer on the app, I was shocked.

On top of the health aspect, my old concealer contains micro plastic which ultimately ends up in our food chain. Micro plastics are very small particles of plastic which when being rinsed or washed away end up in our canalisation and cannot be filtered through as they are so microscopic. On top of that, this concealer contains 1 significantly concerning ingredient and 4 of alarming concern.

So after a bit of research and reading some testimonials I found these two:

  1. Nude by nature Concealer is on the more costly side. It is a liquid Concealer and though the package is quite small, it has been in use for about a month now and I think it’s only half way through. It covers pretty well and I love the texture. I use it as a final touch when I’m about to finish my whole Make-up. Couple of dots under the eyes are enough. Only one low concern – what a wonderful product! *
  2. The second one has a firm texture and it’s from Becca. I think this one is great to really cover the dark circles around the eye. I believe this will make it for the entire year of 2019, cause I usually just tip my ringfinger and then apply is under the eye. It is covering so well, that you really don’t need to apply much of the product. This is listed in my App with 3 low concerns and that’s it!
  • Foundation

For a daily make-up routine, I usually don’t put any foundation but it is the one thing covering usually majority of the skin on my face and therefore it is very important to use something free of toxics.

My old foundation scored not only in 1 high concern and 1 significant concern ingredients but also contained a substance with hormonal effects! Apparently this is called Ethylexyl Methoxycinnamate Cosmetics (not sure if I even copied these words correctly) which is an UV Absorber – which to me at first sounds great! However it can cause endocrine disorder such as changes in sex organs, which have been documented in animals! So no thank you. Definitely this had to go.

My new foundation by Dr. Hauschka is not only free of any bad substances but also vegan!

For this year I will still have to research for a vegan and non-toxic rouge, contouring kit, eye-liner, eye-shadow and lipgloss (please comment if you have any suggestions!). Those are products that I don’t use on a daily basis but I think they can be replaced by better alternatives. Most importantly though is, that you now don’t take my post as a shopping list and go get yourself a whole new set of products. This would not be the right take from this. After all, to be environmentally-friendly we should always use what we already own, before we buy new things.

In the end, the best alternative is just to simply wear no make-up. However if you do, find yourself products that are not going to cause you health problems or pollute our environment.

*this product is the only one in this entire list, which is not vegan.

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and no company has paid me to advertise their products.

Pictures: made by Maria Molody



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