What motherhood has taught me part 2

10 months ago today, my baby boy was born and it’s time to sum up some new stuff he taught me over the past months:

you are getting sick of all the talk about babies… but then you realize that you currently don’t know much about anything else.

  • you start saying cliche things to newborn moms such as: “They grow so fast! Enjoy the time while they are so little. I totally forgot how little newborns are.”
  • You think your baby is getting cuter day by day.
  • You think you got this mom- thing figured out and then the teeth are kicking your ass back to reality.
  • You get a lesson of patience each day now for free!
  • My left arm is pretty well toned after carrying around 10kg everyday.
  • Changing diapers is quite a challenge now.
  • You understand all the worries your parents had.
  • After weeks of your baby being super affectionate, you feel a little sad when they don’t anymore- although that’s been all you were wishing for…
  • How do I deserve so much cuteness and love and happiness?
  • You watch pictures and videos at the end of the day because you miss your baby when they are asleep.

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