What motherhood has taught me so far

Here’s the first post of 2018!

I’m sorry for not keeping up with writing lately. Christmas holidays have been busy and it took me a while to get back to the usual routine with baby Natan.

Now we are looking for a new place to live which is also why a lot of my free time is spent on searching and visiting appartments. Haven’t found the right place yet but I hope we will move by spring. We definitely need a bigger space, we need more room.

It’s amazing to me how this 67cm tall human is taking up more an more space with his accessories, such as toys, books, clothes, high-chair, seesaw etc.

Along this little chaos we are currently in, I began to wonder about how our little man has changed our lives. After all, he was the reason to give up our spatious appartment in Shanghai and move back to Europe. The past five months have been anything but the ‘usual’ and I wanted to share with you what motherhood has taught me so far:

  • when you want your baby to sleep, he won’t. In turn, when you need your baby to wake up, they won’t.
  • Mothers milk splashes out like a fountain.
  • Going out by nighttime for the first time after you had your baby will feel like you sneaked out from home as a teenie- so exciting!
  • Going grocery shopping alone can count as me-time.
  • Your body is amazing and you are beautiful. I have never had so much acceptance to my body and I’m surprised how skinny I used to be.
  • You’ll not gonna lose your pregnancy kilos within a few weeks postpartum. It will take a lot longer than you thought.
  • Everything you said you won’t do or will do with your baby while you were pregnant, you’ll throw overboard once your baby is born.
  • You’ll do anything to soothe your baby and get it back to sleep!
  • I can do the craziest sounds to entertain my baby. Sounds I didn’t even know I could make.
  • Baby poop is THE topic for you and your partner.
  • Exchanging stories of delivery with other moms, that you just met, is cheaper than seeing a shrink.
  • I don’t want to have twins anymore.
  • Kissing my babies feet is my favorite thing to do.
  • The best smell is my babies head.
  • I miss my baby when he’s napping.

What is it that your baby taught you in their first months? Would love to read about it, please comment below.


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