5 last-minute Christmas gift ideas for him

Christmas is in only four days! Did you get all the presents yet? Need ideas for a Christmas present for your Significant Other?

Here are 5 ideas for a last-minute gift:

1) Philips Hue Lights: Get the starter kit or the light strips kit and your techhead will be happy for the holidays.

2) Cocktail Shaker ‘Plum’ from Tom Dixon: This cocktail shaker is not only functional but also a very nice design object which can add up to your – eh your SO’s interior decoration.

3) Secrid Wallet: The only wallet my husband wants to have in his life. It’s very small but can fit all the cards one needs.

4) Sports equipment: Get your man a new T-shirt for his workout or other sports equipment for the sport he’s into.

5) Bluetooth Speakers from Ultimate Ears: Some speakers for his favorite tunes that he can put wherever he want or take to places.

All items are available on Amazon but you have to be quick now if you want the items to arrive on time before the 24th.

Photo Credits: Amazon, Nike, Tom Dixon, Secrid, Philips


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