What I learned from going Vegan for six months

Exactly one year ago I have had enough.

I watched and read all about it and I knew I was right and I knew it was the best thing to do. So I did it, despite all my concerns. I went vegan.

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Sustainable Fashion Brand of the month: Matt and Nat

Weekend is near my dears. It’s a beautiful sunny Friday here in Munich and I thought I share with you this month’s sustainable fashion brand of the month of February! I looked and searched and I found something very nice for you. A bags and accessory brand!

Bags are my absolute favourite accessory to any outfit. I love bags! I was very excited to come across this very beautiful and vegan bags and other accessories brand called Matt and Nat. I love the simple design and they do not stop at bags, you can have shoes, belts, sunglasses, candles, luggage and more. All of that to very affordable prices. How could one not love this company? I’m a fan already. So here’s what else I could find about them:

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