What I learned from going Vegan for six months

Exactly one year ago I have had enough.

I watched and read all about it and I knew I was right and I knew it was the best thing to do. So I did it, despite all my concerns. I went vegan.

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10 reasons why fast fashion sucks

Doomsday Clock has recently been advanced by 30 seconds. In laymen´s terms it´s two minutes before midnight – or two minutes before the world will face it’s annihilation. Reason is that in 2017 and 2018 politicians failed to respond to the environmental crisis and nucluear threats, according to the Bulletin of the Atomatic Scientists.

The question is, why do we have to wait for politicians to make a change when it’s in our hands to change the world? For many environmentalists, it is a first step to change own consumption and fashion is probably the easiest and a pretty effective way to adapt the new lifestyle. Fashion is also a big player in pollution. Fast Fashion is probably contributing the greatest part of pollution from the fashion industry. Here are some reasons why

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