Feminism of the week: Why ambitious women have flat heads


Dame Stephanie Shirley aka Steve.

First time I listened to it, I was on the metro in Shanghai and I had to seriously hold back my tears because her story was so touching to me (also I was pregnant and overly emotional). In preparation of this blogpost, I re-watched it on the TV and again my eyes were filled with tears.

Feminism of the week: Empowerment for your pregnancy


Today’s inspiration for feminism is a quote from a man.

Dr. Marsden Wagner, born in San Francisco (USA), studied at UCLA perinatology and perinatal science. He worked for six years as Director of the Research Center for Health at the University of Copenhagen, and for another 15 years he headed the Department of Women’s and Child Health of the WHO, where he remained an independent consultant until his death in 2014.

I got to know about Dr. Marsden Wagner through my birth preparation classes. My instructor mentioned the quote which I want to share with you today:

Feminism of the week: What happened Miss Simone?


Nina Simone. The first black female classic pianist. Songwriter. Singer. Rebel.

Netflix’s documentary ‘What happened Miss Simone?’ gives a great insight on her life. I personally did not know much about her but after watching it I have to say that I believe she does not get the attention and appreciation for the glass ceilings she broke for women and especially black women in America.

Feminism Essential


Man-hater, Lesbian, Troublemaker, First-world problems, Frigid women…

A feminist has never been associated with something positive in my life, rather something to laugh about. I pittied those women who thoght there was no equality in our developed continent. I even perceived it as a soft insult. How little did I know? how fast was I to judge? I was labeling without knowing.