Must-see comedies on Netflix

This the season to spend evenings on the sofa with a hot chocolate in your hand and some sweets on your lap, while watching something on TV. Let’s not just watch anything but let me inspire you to watch some great and funny stuff!

Therefore I want to share my list of must-see comedians on Netflix! And yes they are all female comedians because women – believe it or not – can be funnier than man!

Amy Schumer – The Leather Special

Amy Wong – Hard Knock Wife

Christina Pazsiztky – Mother inferior

Hannah Gadsby – Nanette

Ellen de Generes – Relatable

Eliza Schlesinger – Elder Millenial

Sarah Silverman – A speck of dust

Katherine Ryan – In throuble

Lynne Koplitz – Hormonal Beast

Tig Notoro – Happy to be here

Aparna Nancharla – The Standups season 2

The order these are put is absolutely random. Needless to say much about it because to me these are all great shows that have left me with a soar stomach from laughing. What are you waiting for? Watch them, watch them all!


Photo by Mc Jefferson Agloro on Unsplash

Video Links by YouTube

Videos by Netflix


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