Quotes to help you through a rough day as a mom

The first year with your baby is known to be the most challenging one. That’s what I’ve been hearing all the time. I think it do gets easier but there’s other challenges that you get to face at each stage of parenthood. There are so many different challenges and problems we have in our every-day life that a little toddler crying can easily throw us off on days where we are not at our best. It is normal, and it is natural to feel all those feelings you might have.

Yesterday, I had one of these days. We went to the Zoo, and what was supposed to be a relaxed and nice afternoon, ended up being stressful and annoying for me. Luckily the days that are normal or great are weighing out those which are bad and I like to be more thankful for that.

We all had these bad days though and we will continue having them. For all of you moms out there that had a rough day, here are some quotes to lift you up:

Since Eastern is around the corner, I want to wish you with this happy and joyful easter holidays with your loved ones. I hope when it gets to stressful you can remember those quotes and calm down.

Love from Maria


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