Feminism Essential

Man-hater, Lesbian, Troublemaker, First-world problems, Frigid women…

A feminist has never been associated with something positive in my life, rather something to laugh about. I pittied those women who thoght there was no equality in our developed continent. I even perceived it as a soft insult. How little did I know? how fast was I to judge? I was labeling without knowing.

Through TED-talks and podcasts in the beginning, I got to realize how wrong I was with my perception about feminism. I started realizing  the small and big inequalities I’ve experienced in my life so far. How could I imagine the struggles women are going through in less developed countries than mine? I realized that I haven’t given this enough thought. I haven’t looked beyond what the stereotype was, I haven’t put effort in knowing much about the topic, yet I had my opinion and I was sure I had to rethink and unlearn what I knew.

This is why I’d like to share with you inspiring stories of inspiring women and men who made an impact related to the topic of feminism. In addition I want to share some experiences and stories from my life that got me question the society I am part of. I’d also be happy to hear your opinions, stories and inspirations.

I am still learning and I haven’t figured out my way to support this movement, however I feel like sharing this TED-talk is a way to start. This video helped me understanding what feminism is about. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it will get you thinking.

Sidenote: In Beyoncé’s song ‘Flawless’ you can hear parts of her TED-talk. First time I heard it, I got chills.

Feature Photo credit: Pinterest


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