Top 3 brands for Nursing clothes

Nursing is love, nursing is suffering, nursing is the best for your baby. But above all, it seems to me that nursing is a very unstylish circumstance. It is a completely untapped territory for all major fashion brands! I have searched the internet, desperate to find some clothing that gives easy and fast access to the boobs and at the same time, still reflects who I am fashion-wise. Here are just three brands that are doing it right:

After 9 and a half months of pregnancy, every woman is thrilled to get back to regular clothes. While pregnancy fashion is available in abundance, I wonder why there are so few fashion options for nursing moms. After all, nursing can last way longer than a pregnancy.

Before I get into the best brands for nursing attire, I want to give a few tips before.

Don’t buy 2-in-1 or Before-and-After pregnancy clothes: There are two reasons why clothes that you can wear during pregnancy and after with nursing function are not your best friend. Firstly, your belly will be gone, so while the T-Shirt might have been cute on you with the belly, afterwards it’s just not gonna be a nice fit anymore. Secondly, you’ve probably worn them already a lot of, so after pregnancy you might want to switch it up. I ended up giving all my clothes to my pregnant cousin, even the ones with nursing function because I just couldn’t find any inspiration on how to combine them anymore.

Be prepared for after the pregnancy: Nursing clothes should be shopped while still pregnant to have the first days covered. However, I would recommend to just go for basic items, like a nursing bra and a couple of nursing tops to get you through the first days and nights. During breast-feeding sessions you’ll have plenty of time to splurge on more nursing clothes, which brings me to the next point.

Invest in some key-pieces: After birth you won’t fit right back into your clothes pre-pregnancy. Therefore you might end up buying a jeans or skirts for the in-between time until you reach your pre-prego body. When shopping for key pieces it is very essential to keep that in mind. Shop for some cool, individual nursing tops and dresses but always make sure, they will match to your post-pregnancy bottoms.

And now, without further ado, the best clothing brands for nursing:


A French brand, founded in 2018. Their signature feature are zippers on the sides for easy and fast access for nursing. I love their designs and the practical zippers. Besides they do use very high-quality fabrics which make their clothes even more enjoyable and above all comfortable. I can definitely recommend to invest in a couple of pieces for the nursing-time. Here’s their Chemisier lait’opard shirt and how I would combine it:

I linked the three main pieces from the nursing brands but for the rest of the outfits, I encourage you to search on platforms such as Vinted, Vestiare Collective, eBay and others. I have found most of my nursing clothes second hand, which is not only cheaper but also better for our environment.


OlliElla is not specifically for nursing but in the description of most of their clothes you can find them say: “nursing-friendly”. I love that! Their Suki Semi Wrap dress is definitely my favourite and here’s how I would style it:

Paula Janz

A German brand from Berlin, specialising in clothing for before, during and after pregnancy. Their clothes are mainly from natural materials. There are plenty of great pieces and they have currently great sales offers.

Happy scrolling!

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