Fair Fashion brand of the month: VEJA

Currently my favourite sneaker brand is VEJA. I love the pair I bought a couple of months ago. I’m thinking about adding another one to my collection. These shoes are not only comfortable and fit to pretty much any outfit, but they are also very eco- and human-friendly. On their webpage there’s tons of information, because they are really trying to be transparent to their customer.

Name of the brand: VEJA

Founded: 2005 in France


“Since 2005, VEJA has been making sneakers differently infusing each stage of production with a positive impact.”

What makes their products fair and sustainable:

  • Using Fair Trade Organic Cotton
  • Sneakers boxes are made out of recycled cardboard and no glue is used
  • They offer vegan shoes, meaning no animal products have been used
  • Their dyes are compliant with European REACH standards

Some interesting facts about the brand:

They eliminated the costs for marketing in order to achieve fair products to affordable prices. Instead they rely on mouth-to-mouth and recommendations from bloggers and influencers.

My Top 5 picks:

V-10 Extra White
V-12 B-Mesh
Kid’s Esplar Leather Extra White
Kid’s Veja X Hundred Pieces Esplar Leather Wave
Men’s Roraima White Nautico

Photo’s from VEJA’s official homepage.


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