Fair Fashion Brand of the Month: Junglefolk

Another month, another brand to introduce to you. Here’s a swiss brand because later this week we are off to Basel. This brand has very few pieces but nevertheless they are all beautiful. I love their design and the idea that those pieces are not only meant to last but also are so classy that I can imagine them as being great standards to any wardrobe. Also they are very versatile, as with my top 5 choices I can already imagine 4 different outfits. When I’m in Basel I’ll definitely visit their store.

Name of the brand: Junglefolk

Founded: Zürich, in 2013

Philosophy: “Jungle Folk is a clothing line that doesn’t go with the trend of launching multiple seasonal collections every year. We see sustainability in the longevity and quality of a design and present a carefully designed line of wardrobe classics. We don’t work along the “normal” fashion calendar and with the trends that change every season. Our brand delivers clothes to wear and love forever!”

Some interesting facts about the brand:

  • Clothes are manufactured in Colombia and Bosnia.
  • They only work with organic, certified or recycled material that last and have a positive environmental footprint.

My 5 picks:


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