Office Tales of a working mom

It’s time for a new category! I’ve been thinking and re-thinking and overthinking whether I should publish any of my experiences on the internet where everyone could see it -especially when I’m in the process of applying for a new job. I was scared that this might close doors to certain opportunities in the working environment. And yes, even when my Blog is no “the Blonde Salad”, once it’s out there, it can be always pinned down to me.

Then I got very angry. I got angry about the fact that I wouldn’t be brave enough to just share my stories. That my experiences in the business world have cumulated to anxiety. I got angry because I don’t know how, nor have the power to change any of this. So my anger convinced me to do the least and put down my experiences in writing. I’m very convinced that none of my experiences are unique to me, or to put it differently: I’m sure that disproportionally many women and minorities have faced the exact same problems and obstacles in their careers. So this category is to all the so-called “minorities” who have to make it work in a system that has been invented to keep them down.

So here’s my first story of this month and let’s just get started with a relatively mellow tale from my work:

I was about to return to work from maternity leave. It was December of last year and I was about to return in January to my employer. Before my maternity leave we have come to an agreement that I would be promoted to Senior PR Manager (there’s so much more to this which I will get into detail another time) The agreement was not only made verbally but there was an Addendum to my contract which stated that upon my return I will not only be promoted but my salay would be discussed. At first I thought I shouldn’t bother and start negotiating my salary once I’ve really returned to work. Then I realized, that it could be a good idea to at least start the conversation about my salary since it was part of the Addendum and this matter should be adressed beforehand.

Long story short: I was refused to even talk about any kind of salary raise. Even though it was part of the Addendum. The excuse was of course that at the moment the company cannot afford me a raise – even though they didn’t even hear me out what I expected. What I was shooting for was a raise of 3k over my yearly salary (250,- more per month).

Instead they shut down any kind of conversation that was going into this direction. I tried to address this matter with my new boss who right away proved he had no great leadership skills as he told me he is on the HR’s side. Fast Forward to today and I’m still not seeing a raise coming my way because their excuse didn’t change. Of course I know there won’t be a salary raise for me in this company. Neither my boss nor the HR is of any help in this regard and it is clear where this is heading.

This story shows the inefficiency and wastefulness of team management that many of us have experienced.

Please feel free to share your story in the comments below, I’d be curious.


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